Upcoming Performances



This is a list of our scheduled events, performances and competition dates.


January 25-28th YAGP Los Angeles

Jan. 28-Feb. 4, Prix de Lausanne Competition.

Feb 2nd, YAGP in-Studio Showcase

February 8-11th YAGP Las Vegas

February 15-18th YAGP San Diego

March 3, 10:30am – 12:00pm Summer Intensive Auditions. Ages 9-18 years

March 9-11th YAGP USC

March 23-25th Cathy Roe

May 5, Sat. SOKA Performance

April – Imagination Celebration!

May 18-20th Move Pasadena

June 23 – Spring Showcase, Irvine Valley College Theater

July 3 – 27 – Summer Intensive


\While we do our best to update this page, please contact the studio for the most current information and details.