dance academy

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Ballet at University

Every Thursday, Starting March 21st

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  • Registration is $275 for the full 10 week session
  • Should a class be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, a make-up class will be provided at no extra cost
  • All fees are non-refundable including if students miss a class

If you have any trouble, please contact V&T at or call us at 949-444-8341

About the Program

10-weeks of Classical Ballet Academy training from the convenience of your school’s campus! Why travel for Ballet classes when we come to your school?

Benefits of our training include: higher chances of academic success (97% of V&T Academy graduates are awarded scholarships across the U.S. and in Europe!), better balance, improved coordination, good posture, and a higher sense of confidence built through movement. We encourage independence, develop children’s ability to express themselves, instill respect, and foster a positive attitude towards learning & creativity within our dance community.

Our talented instructors visit your campus once a week and lead your child in the gift of Ballet.