dance academy

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In order to provide a positive and efficient environment for students and families, please review these policies and procedures with your dancers and family members.

  1. For Levels 3 through Company, monthly tuition includes a mandatory 1 week non refundable deposit (payable over 10 payments) towards Summer Intensive ($500). To be eligible for the monthly discounted tuition rates throughout the year, a minimum of 1 week of V & T Summer Intensive is required.
  2. Students must be enrolled full time to be eligible to take Variations and Pas de Deux classes.
  3. Payment is due on the 1st of the month; a $25 late fee will be automatically assessed to your account after the 5th of the month.
  4. Drop in rates are for occasional students (i.e. less than 2x per month) and are payable at the beginning of class. If payment is not received on the day of the drop in, future classes will increase to the $30 rate.
  5. A $25 fee is assessed for returned checks; multiple returned checks will require future payments in cash.
  6. Payment via credit card is available with an additional fee per transaction.
  7. 30-day notice is required to withdraw from the Academy program. No refunds will be made for fees paid towards the summer intensive.
  8. Summer Intensive and other workshop fees are due in full on the date set forth by the Academy. Late payment will result in a $100 late fee or rejection from the program.
  9. If your child is sick or misses class due to other activities, your child may make up the missed class(es) in any level equal to or lesser than his/her current level. Absences must be made up in the month they occur. Extended illness makeups must be arranged with the instructors/directors.
  10. The Studio is closed for most public holidays and other dates as provided in the Annual Closure Schedule.
  11. Students should dropped off and picked up no more than 30 minutes before or after class, if a child must wait please be sure they have quiet activities to keep them busy during that time.
  12. Students are expected to wait in the waiting area for class to start; no child should leave the building without their parent/guardian.
  13. Students should put all of their belongings into one of the cubbies provided, nothing should be left on the floor, and/or obstructing walkways.
  14. Students should direct all attention to the instructors at all time during class. Students are not allowed to leave before the end of the class without the authorization from an instructor.
  15. Any type of recording (DVD, Video etc.) by students and/or parents is not allowed without authorization from instructor or directors of academy.
  16. Once accepted in a performance, students must participate in the performance and/or rehearsals, except in the case of an emergency, and must notify the instructor or directors.
  17. Parents are not allowed in the classroom during a class or rehearsal without being invited by instructors or directors. Parents must wait in the waiting area.
  18. Yelling or screaming inside and outside of the academy premises are prohibited.
  19. Siblings of students under age of 16 years old should be under parent’s supervision at all times.
  20. No food is allowed inside of the classrooms.
  21. No gum is allowed inside of the academy building.
  22. Everyone must obey the Rules & Regulations.