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From V&T Classical Ballet Academy

Welcome to The Outreach Program (TOP)

Designed and tailored for individual schools, our successful Outreach Program brings an introduction to Award-Winning ballet training directly to your campus.
A favorite of busy parents who appreciate the opportunity to expose their children to the beauty and joy of classical ballet dance, we have tailored programs to suit all age groups and abilities.

TOP strives to provide a gentle introduction to the world of Ballet and Dance.  Our classes are imaginative, nurturing, and inspiring. Your little dancer will grow in confidence, improve motor skills, gain musical and artistic sensitivity! Students will develop, not only as a dancer, but as a whole individual.

Ballet (18 months – 3 Years old)
A fun and imaginative introduction to the world of Ballet. We explore music, rhythms and movement in a gentle, encouraging way. Your little one will pick up skills, having fun along the way and making new friends.

Ballet (3 – 6 Years old)
In this class, we work a little more on the basics of ballet. We introduce a little barre work and an enjoyable centre practice with traveling steps and imaginative sequences. We work on good posture and basic ballet techniques while nurturing artistry to build a strong foundation for a healthy and happy dancer. Your little dancer will pick up many useful skills from the ballet class, listening to instructions, watching for visual cues, taking turns, and working as a group.

Benefits include expanding the influence of the ballet art form to all students of all other age groups, 6 – 18 years old, and supporting your school community with this high quality program. We extend competent instruction, with kindness and respect.

We would appreciate an opportunity to reach out to you to explore the suitability of this dance program for your school. We bring qualified and vetted ballet instructors to the school campus, providing on-site excellence in training.
We are compliant with all California State Requirements, and provide Vendor funding to your school.
Get In Touch

Please contact us to speak with you further about this program and its opportunities!

23601 Ridge Route Dr. Laguna Hills, CA 92653