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V&T Dance Ballet Orange County 9

V&T Dance Alumni, Skylar Campbell

Meet Skylar Campbell!

❝an incredibly thoughtful performer who approaches each role with confidence, energy, and care.❞

Barry Hughson, Executive Director of The National Ballet of Canada in an article with The Ballet Herald

Skylar began dancing at a young age in Laguna Beach, Orange County, CA. He gained his fundamentals by starting at V&T Classical Ballet Academy, training under Victor and Tatiana Kasatsky. Skylar was so dedicated to his work that he was willing to start at a lower level than his contemporaries in order to accelerate proper legacy training from the ground up. Look at him now, appearing as a Principal Dancer all over the world!

Success and Accomplishments

-Founder of Skylar Campbell Dance Collective in Houston

-Principal Dancer at Houston Ballet

-Former Principal Dancer at The National Ballet of Canada and danced with the company for 12 years

-Finalist in Prix de Lausanne

-Bronze Medal in Pas de Deux at YAGP

-Graduate of V&T Classical Ballet Academy

Skylar Campbell, V&T Classical Ballet Academy Alumni

Campbell has danced as White Rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Mercutio as Romeo and Juliet by Alexei Ratmansky, and danced in the world premiere of Being and Nothingness by Guillaume Côté. Most recently, as part of the Skylar Campbell Dance Collective, Campbell performed in their showcase entitled Rebirth. More information on the collective can be found here.

Dance Training

Skylar Campbell understood the benefits foundational training has on a ballet career, committing to his growth at an early age at V&T Dance. His legacy is assured as a performer around the world.

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